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Hidden Meadows Alpacas

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Welcome to Hidden Meadows Alpacas, a small alpaca farm located in Seeley's Bay, Ontario, nestled near the Rideau System and a short drive from Kingston and Gananoque's Thousand Islands.
We first got into alpacas in 2017 when an empty barn beckoned for new residents. We had only recently sold our flock of sheep and the novelty of the alpaca intrigued us. Now Hidden Meadows is home to a small herd of alpacas and an online store, The Paca Shack, featuring their soft, luxurious yarns.
There is nothing better than sharing the “Critters to Knitters” experience with visitors young and old.Farm visits can be scheduled by calling Karen and Mike Gervais at 613-387-3006. Currently there is no charge to come visit.


- Alpacas are shy but curious - they'll eat from your hand but don't like to be cuddled or pet
- They eat mostly grass or hay but enjoy a tasty daily snack of mineral rich pellets
- Alpaca yarns and garments are hypoallergenic, five times warmer than sheep wool, and come in 22 different natural colours
- Their fibre is popular with knitters, crocheters, weavers, handspinners, and felters
Come learn more about these curious, not-so-ordinary fibre animals.

Alpacas in the corridor


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